How Important Are Keywords in Search Rankings?

July 9, 2019By Micheal PachecoMarketing, SEO

TLDR; Keyword research is important, the “keywords” meta tag is not, and most importantly you need to write valuable content that real people will want to read. Someone asked me today how important keywords are in modern-day search rankings. I thought it was a relevant question worth a quick post here. First and foremost, yes, … Read More

No, Focus Groups Don’t Work

August 24, 2017By Micheal PachecoMarketing

Consider this short dialog: “We need some¬†information/feedback/insights from our customers.” “OK, let’s run a focus group.” Focus Groups Are Tempting but Fallacious Some of my clients have been asking me if they should take their product or service to a focus group in order to obtain feedback, ideas for new features, or some other relevant … Read More