Strategic Consulting

I help ambitious businesses achieve growth through bespoke digital strategies.

Let me help you grow your business

Growth Hacking

Innovative and leverage-focused marketing where data-driven experimentation is used to identify the most effective ways to grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Break down the silo between information technology and marketing by developing an integrated strategy to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

UX, link building, on-page optimization, information architecture, and other white-hat strategies for getting higher rankings in organic search engines like Google.

Content Marketing

Play the long game by creating value and earning the trust of your buyer persona with great content that attracts, informs, and converts.

Email Marketing

Develop and implement effective email automation, sequencing, segmentation, A/B testing, emotion-based copywriting, and funnels to build your list.

PPC Advertising

Reach highly targeted, top-of-funnel prospects with paid social, search, and display network advertising. I am Adwords certified by Google.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize your conversion rates with smart design, effective copywriting, and behavioral psychology, backed by A/B testing and data analytics.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your fanbase and drive organic traffic to your website with a strong social media marketing presence across platforms relevant to your business.

Autobiography and Qualifications

I use data and analytics to help ambitious B2B and B2C clients grow revenue by attracting, converting, and retaining more customers through bespoke digital strategies. My unique approach to Growth Marketing is derived from a disparate background in linguistics, design, computer research and engineering, music, and behavioral psychology. I've spent my entire life pursuing knowledge in ostensibly random vocations, granting me the capability to problem-solve from a completely idiosyncratic perspective.

I am certified in Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing through Hubspot. I also hold certifications from Google for both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. If Facebook Ads had a certification, rest assured I would have that, too.

My Process

Step 1: Understanding

I first seek to understand your company, your product, your customer, and your goals. If you are unclear about any of these, I will work with you to develop an understanding for the both of us. This is hands-down the most important step in the process. If I don't understand your business, I'll never be able to help take you where you want to go.

Step 2: Research

I sometimes need time to do more research into your market and your competition. This can involve a deep dive into your business, product, and buyer persona within the context of your stated goals.

Step 3: Ideation & Customization

Whiteboarding, mock-ups, brain-mapping, etc. Includes culling ideas that don't work within your business model and prioritizing ones that do in order of effectiveness, then putting everything together to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your business.

Step 4: Implementation

Like a hands-on project manager, I often orchestrate and direct teams with 1:1 and group instruction. For smaller businesses and solopreneurs without in-house teams, I can implement many of the strategies myself.

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